2024 Events and Evening Meetings

Tuesday, 20th Feb

Committee Meeting
(as postponed from Tue 9th Jan)

Wednesday, 21st Feb

Annual General Meeting
(as postponed from Wed 17th Jan)
Immediately after our AGM we have a talk about Bicycle Engineering: Past, Present & (Possibly) Future.
Our speaker hails from the most prominent cradle of bicycle engineering in our country, and in talking with him it was clear that he was indeed an Apprentice in that very cradle ....🙂
Looking forward to meeting you at these two meeting.
I will prepare agendas for both meetings and circulate the AGM meeting's programme to all of our members.

We have a Provisional Programme for our activities this year.
All The dates are fixed, but other details will be circulated as we get a clearer view of the details of each of the meetings.